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摘要:English abstract,China Disability Observation, When civil servant examination encounters VIP

When civil servantexamination encounters VIP

There is a group of people, who have lots of privileges, andcan always get high quality service. They are called VIP – very importantpeople. At the same time, there is another group of people, whose rights areoften deprived. They don’t even have equal rights to participate inexaminations as other people do. They are also VIPs, but they do not haveprivileges. They are visually impaired people. Xuan Hai is such a VIP, he comesfrom Anhui, and strives to obtain equal right for taking the civil servant examination.

Initially, Xun Hai applied for the public servant in a localpublic institute in 2011, and after that, he applied to attend the publicservant examination in Anhui. In the end, he even went all the way to Guangzhouto attend the national public servant examination. Xuan Hai experienced lots offailure. His appropriate demand was not understood and there was he received nosupport from the examiners. Some of them did not allow Xuan Hai to apply forthe examination, some of them gave him two magnifying glasses that were notsuitable. Some even told him that though he could attend the examination andpass the exam, he was not going to do well in his job. During the process, XuanHai could not get the rights he deserves.

Because of this, Xuan Hai had applied to the government forinformation disclosure, proceeded for administrative reexamination andadministrative lawsuit. He failed every time. But Xuan Hai did not give up. Withhis action, he was telling the public that visually impaired people had the samedesire, the same ability and the same rights. As long as he works hard, thepublic will gradually change its attitude to disability. As an observer, wenote done the process and witness the gradual improvement of rights fordisabled people in China.


Top 10 Chinese disabledpeople in 2012

In 2012, there had been a lot of people working in the fieldof disability rights. They were affecting China and the world by what they saidand did. We chose 10 people working in different areas: Xuan Hai, Zhang Haidi,Zheng Weining, Cao Shengkang, Zhou Yunpeng, the handstand boy, Zhang Yuxia,Zhang Lili, the Chinese Women’s Sitting Volleyball Team, Li Meng etc, and aspecial team, One Plus One. We are hoping the public will not forget the factthat, in 2012, there are disabled people who were working hard in China.


Disability and Gini Coefficient

The Chinese government announced the Gini coefficient last January,which caused heated discussion among the public. People were curious about thebig contrast between the number and the reality, and questions such as how toget the real income data of rich people. While in the process of calculating theGini coefficient, it revealed the real situation of low-income people,especially the poverty among disabled people in China. Due to certain reasons,most of them live in poverty, some far below the poverty line. Was their conditionwas calculated in the data, or they were being neglected?


Look at the real situationthrough the revise process of Special Education Act of the Disabled

Feb 25th2013, the legislative affairs office of the state council asked the public forcomments on the draft. This was the first revision of this act since it waspublished in 1994. It will have an affect on education for disabled people inthe future. As a visually impaired person who received inclusive educationthroughout his schooling, Fu Gaoshan had also been working in rights advocacyfor disabled people for many years. With his rich experience, Fu Gaoshanexplains the problems disabled people face in education.


Because of happiness

This composition introduces the work of a Japanese NGO toensure the sexual rights of disabled people. Sexual problems of disabled peopleshould not be only regarded as a personal issue, but also a social issue.

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